National Finals

3 fictional family scenarios

These ‘case studies’ require students to use their personal finance knowledge and consider trade-offs and alternatives for that family. In the NPFC Finals, students will have 2 hours to do this assignment so you may wish to assign this for your students to complete during the week and return for group discussion. This tab also contains a sample student presentation and accompanying critique by a judge. If your team makes it to the National Finals, we recommend watching this in advance.

What Should the Hernandez Family Do?

Daniel and Gabriela Hernandéz are Mexican-Americans who live in a large U.S. metropolitan city in the southeast. They both have working visas and hope to apply for green cards some day. 

Jones Family Case Study

The Joneses have recently decided to consult a financial expert on what they might do to improve their financial situation and achieve their goals. 

Ruetelshofer Family Case Study

Can Hugo leave his teaching job at age 55? Are there changes that need to be made?

National Personal Finance Challenge Case Study Presentation Critique​

This video shows one student team’s financial plan presentation for the Hernandez case study and beginning at minute 22, NPFC judging rubric and judge’s commentary.