About the Challenge

The National Personal Finance Challenge (NPFC) is a nationwide competition that provides high school students the opportunity to build and demonstrate their knowledge of money management. Teams showcase their expertise in the concepts of earning income, spending, saving, managing credit, investing, and managing risk.

How it Works

This fun and motivating team experience begins with competitions at the state level. The winning team from each state moves on to the National Semi-Finals from which the top-scoring teams advance to compete for the National Title. For spring 2022, the First Round National Challenge and National Semi-Finals will be held online. The four teams advancing to the National Finals will travel to New York City on an all-expense paid trip to compete in-person.

Get ready for your state competition

Form one or more teams of 3-4 students from the same school or organization. Then prepare your students by teaching the six core knowledge areas of personal finance and taking a practice test.

Compete at your state level

Register yourself as a teacher and create your teams. Download unique access codes for each student and when they are ready, send your team to the Finance Challenge ONLINE website where they will complete a 30-question, rapid-fire exam.

The National Competition

There is no fee for teachers/coaches or students to participate. There is no limit to the number of teams that can register, so the NPFC makes a great class activity.

First Round National Challenge

The top scoring team from each state will compete in a 45 question online quiz.


The top 24 scoring teams will prepare and virtually present a case study presentation for a family financial plan.


In-person in New York City June 3-6! The top 4 scoring teams from the semi-finals will create a financial plan for a detailed fictitious family scenario and present to an expert panel of judges composed of economists and financial professionals.

National Finals

The National Finals offers competitors the opportunity to prepare a financial plan for a detailed fictitious family scenario. Students will apply their knowledge from the six knowledge areas, make recommendations to help the family achieve their financial goals, and prepare a PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation to persuade the judges. Teams will have two hours to prepare and presentations will be 20 minutes with an additional 5 minutes for the judges to ask questions.