The Coach Toolkit

New to the Challenge?

The National Personal Finance Challenge (NPFC) is a nationwide competition for high school students to build and demonstrate their knowledge of money management. Use this toolkit to prepare a team. Then register to compete!

Practice the six areas of knowledge

These six areas offer young people a base level of knowledge they should acquire for their lives as smart consumers.

Earning Income

Learn how income is generated and how factors such as taxes, interest rates, and inflation impact income.



Students will learn about buying goods and services by examining personal budgets, expenses, and income.



Learn about saving by analyzing compound interest and financial institutions and services.


Managing Credit

Learn about credit by studying credit reports and scores and personal decision making through consumer credit.



Learn about investment instruments including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Students will also understand the concepts of risk and return and time horizon.


Managing Risk

Learn about managing risk through insurance and vigilance against common scams and identity theft

What is included?

Essential lessons

Teaching resources for core knowledge of personal finance

Essential activities

Exercises your team can do individually or together that support the essential lesson. You will find an answer key where needed.

Supplemental lessons and activities

Worthwhile lessons but may be skipped if not enough time.

Training videos

These short videos are for you and explain the associated concept or lesson you will be teaching.


Quiz for each knowledge area

A note on quizzes

All knowledge area quizzes and the Practice Test are on the Kahoot! edtech platform – a platform many kids already use. When you go to the platform and “start” a quiz, the students take the quiz at the same time so that they can compare answers and learn from one another. Your version of the quiz has the answers.

Final Case Study


Students use what they have learned from the six areas of knowledge to create a financial plan for a fictitious family scenario.